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Carpet & Sofa Cleaning, Clarkston

Customer: Samantha
Location: Clarkston
Date: December

Sofa & Carpet Cleaning, Clarkston

Samantha has a lovely dog and, like all dogs, they can make a bit of a mess of the carpets & sofa with hair & mucky feet. Over time, there can also be a bit of a “doggy” aroma.

Unfortunately, we forgot to take photos of their gorgeous sofa before cleaning, but it came up fabulously. At first glance, the carpets didn’t seem too bad and it was only after cleaning that you realise what a difference we had actually made.

Deodorisation is the last stage of our 4-stage cleaning process…and this leaves carpets & upholstery smelling amazing!

Just click here to see some more photos from this job & use the slider below to see the improvement we made to the carpet.

You can follow this link to read more about our carpet cleaning process & how we get such great results. Alternatively, just click here if you are interested in our sofa cleaning service.